Optizen - Not your everyday Shopify SEO app!

Optizen was created to fill a gap with Shopify SEO.........by creating the ability to create true sub collections, and silo structures with collections, by allowing you the ability to edit the meta information of sub collection pages!

What Does Optizen Do?

Optizen allows you to add content to collection pages below the product grid to improve content optimization, and allows editing of tag pages, including, SEO title, SEO description, H1 title, description below the H1, and content below the product grid.

The ability to optimize tag pages (sub collections) in Shopify is an incredibly powerful strategy to build structured category silos and sub collections over and above the default Shopify URL structure. 

Google and the other search engines love silos, as they categorize content in a well structured relevant way.


Variant Tagger: Add product variants as tags at the click of a button

Variant Image Thumbnail Matcher: Display the correct image on tag pages. For example, if you have created an optimized tag page /collections/jackets/red - Show all the red jacket thumbnail image variants on that tag page, giving the user (and Google), exactly what it wants!

Build a more optimized Shopify store

Add unique content below the product grid on collections pages to build more relevant and highly optimized pages for the search engines

Control the URL structure of sub collections and siloed collections

With our tag page editor, you can develop collections and sub collections that are highly optimized SEO friendly for the search engines

Control which tag pages index in the search engines

With the Optizen index feature, you can noindex all tag pages by default, and then only index the tag you've edited , to sculpt collection silos as you desire.

Unlock deeply optimized tag pages to create pages that are incredibly powerful

By creating highly relevant pages as sub collection pages, you are providing more powerful content for Google and other search engines to rank and drive more traffic


$19.99 / month 

Add content below the product grid on collection pages

Optimize tag pages to create optimized sub collections

Choose which tag pages to index in the search engines

Edit tag page SEO title, H1, descriptions and content

Shopify 2.0 compatible - installation support


$29.99 / month 

All that's in PRO +

Variant Tagger - Automatically add variants as tags

Variant image thumbnail matcher - Create a tag page based on color, size, or any other variant. and display the correct image thumbnail for all products on a tag page. Example: /collections/widgets/red will display all the red widget images, as the thumbnails on the product grid.

In the Shopify app store

Contact / Help

For support documentation, please visit here. For installations, please leave a message below with your .myshopify.com URL. For all other enquiries, also please leave a message below.

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