AI Content For Print On Demand Shopify Stores

Print on demand, or POD stores have exploded over the last 5 years or so with a range of suppliers coming online with quality products that can be printed and shipped fast to anywhere in the world.

The Opportunity

A significant proportion of print on demand stores rely on paid traffic or 3rd party integrations such as Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.

These are fantastic channels, However many POD store owners are missing a massive opportunity from organic traffic.

Up until now, it’s been time consuming and cumbersome (especially if you don’t know SEO), to optimize POD content and products. With OptizenAI, you have this ability now at your fingertips, at scale. This is particularly helpful if you have 100s or 1000s of products.

The SEO Problem With POD

While POD makes it incredibly easy and fast to get a store up and running in no time, with quality products that can be customized to your designs in almost any niche, if store owners don’t consider the SEO implications, it does create some issues with poorly optimized stores and product pages to gain exposure in the search engines and the holy grail of organic traffic.

The core reason for this, is that POD suppliers an integrators, provide boiler plate content for their products. While this is great to publish products immediately, it does create the problem of masses of similar or duplicate content across many pages.

These days, you’re unlikely to be hit with a Google penalty, but your pages may be suppressed. The opportunity to create unique content and a better user experience and CTR at scale, is where OptizenAI can help.

Where OptizenAI Can Help With POD Stores

With OptizenAI, not only can you create optimized collections and sub-collections with unique and quality content, the core engine of the app allows you to update 100s or 1000s or products at once, using AI.

You have complete control over prompts and content output. You can use your own, or use our prompts from the public prompt repository.

For product pages, you can create unique and high quality SEO titles, SEO descriptions, H1 page titles, and complete product descriptions.

You can even leverage internal linking with AI, including FAQs, and PAS Framework.

It’s incredibly powerful.

Not only will you gain further organic exposure for your store, but provide great user experience, and distinguish your store from the 1000s of others on the web.